The Best Way to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

There is nothing more rejuvenating than a good night’s sleep, especially when you have trouble sleeping. There are many reasons for troubled sleep but the end result is always the same which is loss of health. If you have trouble going to sleep here are few tips for you to follow which will help you get what you need:

Create the right ambience

Light: For many people the right ambience is very important. Never try to sleep in a pitch dark room or a well lit one. The reason is that bright light causes distraction even with eyes closed and total darkness causes loss of perception and sense of direction. The best way is to have a dull light in the room. It will not cause distraction and will provide sufficient light to maintain correct orientation which will help you sleep. good night image

Layout: Try to keep as fewer pieces of furniture, decoration pieces and other items of utility in the room. Do not paint abstract designs on your bedroom walls or hang abstract paintings on the wall. In people with sleep disorder one of the biggest reasons is that the mind doesn’t stop working and remains engrossed in establishing shapes and patterns out of these abstract images and designs unconsciously. For some this may help in slipping into a sleep, but for those who have an issue with sleeping having least distractions is a good idea.

Sounds: There are any sounds that prevent a person from sleeping. A squeaky fan can also become a cause of your sleepless nights. So you should ensure that there is no noise that would disturb you. If you live in a noisy neighborhood and can’t stop the distracting noises, what you can get is have sound proofing done for your bedroom. Although this is an expensive arrangement but can prove to be a great investment as you will get some rest and peace in your life.

Prepare yourself

If you want to sleep well you should first consider about preparing yourself for sleep. A long and warm shower will relax you and help you go to sleep. So get under the shower or in your tub for about twenty minutes and let your muscles relax.

Here are a few “Don’ts” which actually hamper your sleep and you should avoid them at all cost:

  • Don’t sleep with a full stomach. Stop eating or munching at least two hours before you plan to sleep.
  • Don’t take anything with caffeine at least two hours before your sleep time.
  • Don’t eat chocolates and have high energy drinks at least four hours before you plan to hit the sack.

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