Why is Nude Photography Viewed As Pornographic?

Nude photography is typically viewed in one of two ways-as either pornographic or as fine art. The key to successful nude photography is learning to do it in such a way that there is no doubt when looking at the photographs that they are clearly intended to be artistic. nude cam girls

Rules for Nude Photography

First of all, there are a few clear rules that photographers who wish to shoot artistic nudes should adhere to.

Rule 1. Never do a nude photograph of anyone under the age of 18 years old and never without the person’s full awareness and consent. In addition to being 18 years or older, the person being photographed must be of sound mind, legally responsible for his or herself, and exercising sound judgment-i.e., not impaired by alcohol, drugs, or anything else.

The only exception to this rule is shooting “naked baby” photos, and most photographers adopt the rule of “only up to one year old” for these, with parental consent, and with a parent present.

There are some occasions where parents will catch a snapshot of a child older than one year of age naked in the bathtub, running around the house after they have learned to undress themselves, and the like, but this is also the exception-and this is with your own children or grandchildren.

Rule 2. Always have a clear understanding-preferably in writing-with the model as to how and when the nude photographs will be used, printed, or published and by whom. I could write an entire article on that alone, but that pretty much sums it up.

For the purposes of this article, “nude photography” will refer to posed nude photographs of legal adults. All of that being said, let’s focus on how to create tasteful, artistic nude portraits.

Take Your Cues From the Work of the Masters
Spend time studying tasteful nude paintings by the masters, famous nude sculptures, and tasteful nude sketches such as those rendered in an art class, shown in art books, or on cathedral ceilings. It should be noted that while at one time potentially controversial, these nudes are now clearly considered art, such as Michelangelo’s statue of David.

Keep The Focus On the Lines of the Body
There are several distinctions that form the fine line between art and pornography. Fine art nudes celebrate the lines and form of the human body as it is but place no special emphasis on genitalia or other body parts. Fine art nudes are not meant to be sexual or sexually suggestive. They are not intended to arouse sexual interest in the viewer.

Pornography, on the other hand, is designed to titillate, tease, and suggest, and the images are expressly designed to stimulate sexual attraction or desire. Often, through the use of posing, lighting, or props, pornographic photos focus specifically on genitals or body parts that are normally covered by clothing.

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